■ Game Installation Guide 

 1  Download the game installation file (APK) from thelink below.

[ Download Seven Guardians for BORA ]

※ Apple iPhone cannotdownload games. Android smartphones only.


 2  After downloading is complete, run File Manager.

※ File Manager may have a different location and namedepending on the type of mobile phone.

 3  After running File Manager, Press the Downloadfolder and Run the game APK file.

If you do not specify a separate folder, it issaved in the Download folder by default.

If you specified a separate folder for downloadinggame APK files, please move to that folder.

However, the default storage folder may differdepending on the mobile phone model.


 4  If unknown apps installation settings appear, tapSettings.

Then, activate the authority from the Allow fromthis source part as shown in the image.

※ If the authority of install unknown apps is notactivated, the game cannot be installed.


 5  After setting the authority, Run the game APK once againand the install screen will appear.

   When the installation is completed, press the OPENbutton to launch the game.


※ If the installation is not work using the above method,please contact us at the address below.

 Seven Guardians for BORA ] Developer Bulky TreeCustomer Center : help@bulkytree.com